Repeated shapes in (mostly my) art

Here's a video in which I talk yet more about that Moon Bonk drawing, then some of my other drawings (mostly featuring our old friend Raymondo Person), then tangentially explain the meaning of life, and round it all off by shovelling heartfelt yet specific praise onto one of my favourite artworks. Somehow it all makes sense. If you're interested in my work and/or ideas, you'll probably enjoy it.

Oh, and there be japes and chortles too, needless to say.

Pretty good thumbnail, hey? Anyway, this actually went up on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, and I remembered to post it everywhere but here. Oops. (Of course you can bypass much of my incompetence by subscribing to the channel.)

Thanks to my real Ko-fi supporters (not the hilarious pretend ones in the video) for doing their part in the eternal war against insufficient content.