Quest of the Warrior

Quest of the Warrior, page 1
Quest of the Warrior, page 2
Quest of the Warrior, page 3
Quest of the Warrior, page 4

Another one for Dark Horse Presents, completed in July 2013, and a favourite of mine, though perhaps only faintly present, hazy and translucent, in the overlap between 'things I find funny' and 'things other people find funny'. (I am saying it is a very silly comic.)

I delighted in using the bigger, thicker Kuretake Bimoji brush pens to ink parts of Quest of the Warrior, and the colouring uses pure yellow and magenta to look eye-searingly bold in glossy print. It was fun making comics with print in mind!

THAT SAID, if you wanna share this comic ON THE INTERNET, that is fine too; very welcome and helpful in fact.

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