About Scrampbonk dot com

Here is a simple blog and website where I will post the funny and weird things that I make. Remember that? Remember... Old Internet??

Expect comics, illustrations, writing, and sometimes music, sketch comedy, maybe even videos again someday. You know... all that stuff I do. Anything where the basic idea is to amuse people.

Generally, things will appear on my ko-fi first (for my supporters), then here, and then maybe on instagram and twitter and so on too, if I feel like it. Really though that's just bait to bring people here.

I'll also post old favourites here too, so it's easy to find them.

Supporting me on ko-fi — through monthly membership or just a one-time donation — is a really, really effective way of helping me to create more stuff for you to enjoy. And you can get some bonuses and behind-the-scenes stuff, too! I've got all kinds of archival stuff to share. What a fun treat for us all.

My 'main' website, Chicken Nation dot com, will continue to be a clumsy portfolio of sorts, and a place for occasional updates and information about my projects. Scrampbonk will be where funny internet shit goes, when I make some.

"But... but who are you? What is this place? What year is it?"

I am the original and only Patrick Alexander, still making comics, comedy, music, and miscellany — whenever I can, and the way that I want to. Usually funny and weird, occasionally educational and useful. Reasons you might love me include:

  • Pink Chickens
  • Tobias and Jube
  • Raymondo Person
  • GBA World / Total Gamer
  • EEGRA / "Use me, Sonic! Use me!" / Hilarity Comics
  • Insufficient Stories (and some live comedy around Melbourne)
  • Dark Horse Presents
  • You Can't 'Waste' Your Vote (feat. Dennis the Election Koala)
  • Resources for ESL teaching (DIE HARD, Face-O-Guess, et. al.)
  • Killer #auspol memes
  • Patrick Alexander's Melody Zone (weird music)
  • Comedy Purgatory (my new podcast)
  • I pitched a TV show to you