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Patrick Alexander

Moon Bonk

...For want of a better title. Coaster 57 in my off-and-on coaster/postcard project, featuring Tobias and Jube having a midnight mishap with a see-saw. Ain't it the way!

Should you desire to observe the entire drawing process set to relaxing music (also by me), followed by 20 minutes of mucking about with pens, you need only watch the embedded youtube video below... or better yet, click the "Watch on YouTube" bit, so you can leave a thumbs-up and a nice comment afterwards.

Also: subscribe to the channel, join my Ko-fi, and/or get the lovely music from the video in my Ko-fi shop or on Bandcamp. It's free, unless you want to pay for it, in which case I generously permit you to do so!

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Patrick Alexander

Secret Fox

Coaster drawing of Tobias and Jube discovering a fox guardian statue at an Inari shrine

Here's Tobias and Jube exploring an Inari shrine on a drink coaster, or rather, an art board disguised as a drink coaster. Drawn on January 23rd of this year, as you can clearly see.

What's that? You wish you could watch me draw this whole illustration from start to finish? And learn about the tools I used? And hear more about why I'm drawing on drink coasters to begin with? Well that's all quite demanding, but as it happens, you're in luck!

Click through to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, if you like, and join my Ko-fi to grab the cute section break tunes that I made for this video, as a thank-you present.

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